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National UN-REDD Programme Updates

Ecuador signs its National Programme and enters into implementation; REDD+ Readiness consultations begin in Bangladesh; the Philippines officially kicks off REDD+ implementation with its Inception workshop; and Viet Nam finalizes its study on ecological stratification linked to REDD+.

It's been a busy past few months for UN-REDD Programme partner countries. Below are progress updates from UN-REDD National Programmes in Ecuador, Bangladesh, the Philippines and Viet Nam.

Ecuador signs its UN-REDD National Programme and gets ready for implementation

After reviewing and addressing comments from the UN-REDD Programme Policy Board and independent reviewers, Ecuador signed its National Programme document on 28 October, 2011.

Read Ecuador's signed National Programme document.

Read more on Ecuador's National Programme approval at the UN-REDD Programme Policy Board in March 2011.

Consultations on REDD+ Readiness Roadmap begin in Bangladesh

Bangladesh recently took its first steps on the road to REDD+ Readiness by holding national and sub-national REDD+ consultations. The national multi-stakeholder workshop in Dhaka on 25 October was followed by a regional workshop in the Chittagong Hill Tracts. These events brought together more than 70 participants to engage in active discussions on Bangladesh's REDD+ Roadmap process and issues in its forest sector. The national workshop last month, which included participants from the government, civil society, academics, donor partners and the media, was designed for those with at least a basic familiarity with the concept of REDD+. Read more...

Bangladesh's national workshop last month included participants from the government, civil society, academics, donor partners and the media.

Philippines' Inception Workshop kicks of their National Programme implementation

The Philippines inception workshop, held last October 15, 2011, brought together close to 60 participants from over 20 organizations and different divisions of national and international agencies. Views and comments expressed by participants were considered and shall be included in the final workshop report that will be coming soon. The participatory process of enriching the documents of the UN-REDD National Programme in the Philippines allowed the establishment of a programme crafted together by the national agencies and civil society organizations in the country. Read more...

At the Inception Workshop, the UN-REDD Programme recognized the particularly strong inputs of the group CodeREDD who worked on the development of the national REDD+ strategy, which has been a great asset to the UN-REDD Programme in the Philippines. The country's national strategy will benefit from the inputs of the UN-REDD Programme to strengthen the implementation of its actions. This concerns in particular the MRV activities. The implementation of a monitoring and MRV action plan which can be integrated into the national strategy and support for the development of a national forest monitoring system shall be the main contributions of the UN-REDD+ Programme.


Viet Nam finalizes study on Ecological Stratification linked to REDD+

As a country aiming to reach Tier 3 reporting by the eventual implementation phase of REDD+, Viet Nam, supported by the UN-REDD Programme engaged in a study to stratify the country into ecological zones which are conducive for forestry. The Ecological Stratification study of Viet Nam was finalized in October 2011.

The study identified first the factors which determine ecological zones, and the hierarchy of such factors, which became the basis for stratifying the national territory into two ecological zones, further stratified into eight ecological regions, further stratified into 47 ecological sub-regions. Read more...


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