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National Programmes in South America strengthen capacities on forest monitoring and web-based geographic information systems

The UN-REDD Programme recently conducted training courses in Argentina and Ecuador on the use of web-based geographic information system (WEB-GIS) portals in support of REDD+ readiness for their national forest monitoring systems (NFMS).

In March 2012, Argentina requested UN-REDD Programme Targeted Support to build the technical capacity need to develop the first version of their NFMS. FAO provided the supported needed for Argentina to implement the WEB-GIS platform customized to the country’s needs.  As a result, a first training for users and administrators of the online tool was organized in June 2013.

A recent training took place in Buenos Aires at the end of May 2014. Some 12 experts with experience in using WEB-GIS, were selected from different institutions to attend. The training was designed to enable users to learn and teach others how to customize the existing functionalities in the portal and add new ones. The workshop became a space for useful discussion regarding future work and alternative methodologies, as well as the new features of the tool and the institutional context.

In addition, the UN-REDD Programme National Program in Ecuador also organized a series of technical training activities during 2013 on the WEB-GIS platform for Ecuador’s NFMS. The training aimed to increase the capacity of the participants, enabling them to publish spatial data online to the platform. In November 2013, a second training took place at FAO’s headquarters in Rome focusing on training technicians of the Sistema Unificado de Información Ambiental (SUIA) to customize the software.

In January 2014, as a result of these trainings and constant communication with the SUIA technicians, the WEB-GIS platform for the SNMB was integrated in the portal of the SUIA. The deployment was done by national technicians with the assistance of FAO, which provided the WEB-GIS platform.

To ensure the sustainability of the portal, a new training was carried out by FAO for technicians from Ecuador’s Ministry of the Environment (SUIA and Mapa de Vegetación). The training took place in the offices of SNAP (Sistema Nacional de Areas Protegidas), Ministry of the environment, Quito, at the beginning of June 2014.

Visit the WEB-GIS portal here.


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