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REDD+ Participatory Governance Assessments Piloted in Indonesia and Nigeria

The UN-REDD Programme together with government counterparts and UNDP country offices in Abuja, Nigeria and Jakarta, Indonesia have initiated pilots on the Participatory Governance Assessments (PGAs) for REDD+.

The purpose of the PGAs for REDD+ in Indonesia and Nigeria is to provide a framework for a participatory process at the country level to conduct governance assessments for information sharing on how REDD+ safeguards are promoted, addressed and respected in a systematic manner.

In Indonesia
For the ongoing PGA pilot in Indonesia, there have been several consultations with a panel of experts to look at the overall design and scope of the PGA for REDD+. This PGA will be looking at three areas of governance in particular: legal and policy frameworks; capacities of REDD+ actors (nationally and sub-nationally), including civil society actors and business entities; and the impact of existing laws and practices. In addition, the PGA will address anti-corruption and conflict issues.

In July, provincial consultative meetings were held in both Riau and Central Sulawesi – both to enrich the overall design of the PGA through input from relevant stakeholders and to ensure ownership at the provincial level. In these consultation meetings, participants included key provincial government representatives, academics, non-governmental organizations (working on environmental, Indigenous Peoples and gender issues), and the forest business association. The purpose of these consultative provincial meetings was to provide inputs and improve the design and plans for the PGA process.

There will also be a national consultative meeting on the PGA design where ministries, such as Ministry of Forestry, UKP4, Ministry of Environment, Indonesia's National Development Planning Agency (BAPPENAS), and national level civil society actors will take part to discuss and advance the PGA process further.

In Nigeria
In May 2011, a brainstorming workshop was held with key Nigerian REDD+ stakeholders from federal and state levels in Lagos, during which consensus was reached on the value of developing PGAs for REDD+ in Nigeria. The workshop also identified key governance issues which should be assessed, and on a broad timeline and steps for the first phase of Nigeria's PGA process, which will be from July until December 2011.

A national consultant will be recruited by the end of July to start with governance mapping and analysis work to inform a planned workshop during the third week of September (dates are not confirmed yet), where governance methodologies and next steps will be discussed and agreed.

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