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Linking Forests and Stakeholders to the Green Economy

In conjunction with UNEP’s recent Governing Council and Ministerial Environment Forum, UNEP and the UN-REDD Programme arranged a side-event on the links between the Green Economy, forests and major groups and stakeholders.

Participants at the UNEP Governing Council held in Nairobi

The side-event, entitled "The Green Economy, Forests and Major Groups and Stakeholders – Where is the Link?” presented the forests chapter from the Green Economy report and UNEP’s and UN-REDD’s work to catalyze a forest sector transformation towards a Green Economy. Presentations included practical examples from Kenya, where involvement of stakeholders are at the core of the Ruking/Kasigau REDD+ project business model and an overview of lesson learned from stakeholder and Indigenous Peoples involvement in the management paradigm shift of the Mau forest in Kenya.

To set the scene, a new video narrated by Sir David Attenborough, on the role of forests and REDD+ in a Green Economy was screened.

The goal of the side-event was to strengthen engagement with major groups and stakeholders in the area of transforming the forest sector towards a Green Economy and ensuring they are part of the process as this issue moves center-stage in global and national policy agendas.

The strong participation in this side event demonstrated a growing interest to be part of shaping the agenda and moving the forest sector towards a Green Economy. Further information on forests in a Green Economy can be found at www.unep.org/forests and here.

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