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UN-REDD at CBD's REDD+ Capacity Building Workshop in Asia-Pacific

The UN-REDD Programme presented its draft Social and Environmental Principles and Criteria and supports Indigenous Peoples and Civil Society representatives to participate in the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) “Asia-Pacific Regional Consultation and Capacity-Building Workshop on REDD+, including on Relevant Biodiversity Safeguards”.

credits: Nguyen Thi Thu Huyen - Lam Dong Province in Viet Nam

The CBD Asia-Pacific regional consultation and capacity-building workshop on REDD+, including biodiversity safeguards took place in Singapore from 15-18 March, and focused on three objectives: (i) discuss the implementation of biodiversity safeguards that are consistent with the CBD in the context of REDD+, (ii) explore biodiversity indicators that determine potential REDD+ achievement of CBD’s objectives, and to (iii) build capacity on REDD+ throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

The UN-REDD Programme sponsored Ken Mondiai, the Asia-Pacific Civil Society Organization (CSO) representative to the UN-REDD Programme Policy Board, and Grace Tauli Balawag from the Tebtebba Foundation, to attend the workshop and contribute to the discussions and presentations by Indigenous and Local Communities (ILCs).

IP and CSO representatives involved in the UN-REDD Programme were able to take an active role in the CBD review process and voice their opinions regarding safeguards for ILCs, capacity building and multiple benefits. Participation in initiatives such as this strengthen the UN-REDD Programme Policy Board representatives’ roles as accurate and current sources of information for their regional constituencies and networks, and contribute to the UN-REDD Programme’s goals to support Indigenous Peoples (IP) and CSO stakeholders to engage in and influence national and international REDD+ processes.

The meeting stressed the need to harmonize guidance for reducing biodiversity risks and enhance the biodiversity benefits of REDD+. It was also emphasized that safeguards should be based on a human rights perspective and ecosystems-approach principles, while recognizing the role and experience of ILCs and ensuring their full and effective participation.

The workshop results are intended to support both the CBD and UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) discussions on relevant biodiversity safeguards for REDD+ as well as on the monitoring of biodiversity in the context of the forest-related Aichi Targets of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020.

Participants consisted of Parties to the CBD, representatives of ILCs, and other relevant organizations. Presentations on existing safeguards were given, including an introduction to the UN-REDD Programme’s draft Social and Environmental Principles and Criteria (SEPC) by Barney Dickinson of UNEP-WCMC. Grace Tauli Balawag gave a presentation on the perspective and rights of ILCs in REDD+ in relation to safeguards.
Participants were divided into three working groups to discuss in detail the challenges that REDD+ activities face in monitoring biodiversity impacts, improving indicators and enhancing the biodiversity benefits of REDD+, and to provide recommendations on these topics. The working groups reviewed a number of biodiversity safeguards, including the UN-REDD Programme’s SEPC, in the context of safeguard implementation, information and capacity needs, indicators, as well as monitoring mechanisms.

Download the Official report of the CBD workshop.

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