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Mexico Launches its REDD+ Website

At the recent workshop on Forest Governance, Decentralization and REDD+ in Oaxaca, Mexico launched its new REDD+ website, www.reddmexico.org and online community of practice.

The idea for the site, called “REDD+ Mexico” emerged from Mexico’s Consultative Technical Committee on REDD+ (Comité Técnico Consultivo de REDD+, CTC-REDD+), with the goal to disseminate and share information with a broad audience on the activities that the Government is developing on REDD+.

The site went live on 1 September 2010 and features news, reports as well as Mexico’s position on REDD+, fueling both national and international discussions.  The site seeks to facilitate an understanding of both the REDD+ context and technical aspects that underpin the REDD+ mechanism under the UNFCCC.

REDD+ Mexico has been developed thanks to the support of the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Embassy in Mexico, with technical support and assistance from the World Wildlife Fund.

Mexico has been a partner country to the UN-REDD Programme since February 2010.

Visit the site today!

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Mexico Launches its REDD+ Website

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