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UN-REDD FPIC Workshop in Panama

The UN-REDD Programme convened a consultation with Indigenous Peoples’ representatives and civil society organizations from Latin American and the Caribbean to facilitate the development of guidance on Free, Prior, and Informed Consent (FPIC) and Recourse Mechanisms for national UN-REDD activities. The workshop was held at the Hotel Gamboa in Panama City, Panama, between 4 and 7 October and involved over 60 participants from 13 countries in the region representing a wide range of national and regional organizations.

This workshop contributes to a larger initiative to develop definitive FPIC and Recourse guidelines for UN-REDD programmes. The UN-REDD Programme is undertaking a series of consultations with Indigenous Peoples and other Forest Dependent Communities in each of the three regions it is active in: Africa, Asia and the Pacific, and Latin America and the Caribbean to develop FPIC and Recourse guidelines for the UN-REDD Programme. The initial consultation took place in Hanoi, Vietnam between 16 and 18 June 2010, and resulted in a set of draft guidelines which will be further elaborated during this consultation for the Latin America and Caribbean region and a third regional consultation in Africa in November 2010. After the guidelines from the three workshops are merged, the draft document will be released for a public comment and input process.  

This four-day workshop in Panama gave stakeholders from Latin America and the Caribbean an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of REDD+ as it applies to them in the region as well as appreciate the global context of REDD+, FPIC and Recourse. It also provided them with the space to consolidate their opinions on how FPIC and Recourse can be articulated and applied to UN-REDD actions, allowing participants to present a common understanding of FPIC and Recourse reflecting broad stakeholder agreement from the region that will eventually be used to guide UN-REDD country activities around the world. The workshop was part of the wider body of work that the UN-REDD Programme is supporting globally, including the pilot application of FPIC at the country level. For more information on this event and background materials on the associated issues, please see here.

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