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Reports & Analysis

Several UN-REDD countries participate in discussion on assessment and monitoring forest degradation

Participants from UN-REDD countries attended a technical meeting on forest degradation at FAO headquarters in Rome, Italy from 8-10 September 2009

Several representatives from UN-REDD countries met in early September at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), in Rome, Italy, to attend a technical meeting on “Assessment and Monitoring of Forest Degradation”. The goal of the meeting was to present an analysis of definitions of forest degradation, as well as case studies on forest degradation. 

Participants defined forest degradation as “the reduction of the capacity of a forest to provide goods and services”. There was also consensus among participants on the need to evaluate degradation in relation to the state and process of degradation, and within a defined context of time and space. Forest management objectives and forest types are also elements to consider when monitoring and evaluated degraded forests.

Participants discussed technical aspects of methodologies for assessing and monitoring forest degradation and recommended actions to improve measurement, assessment and reporting on forest degradation.

The meeting was part of a special study on forest degradation to identify the parameters of forest degradation and the best practices for assessing them. The study is carried out by the team of the Global Forest Resources Assessments (FRA) of FAO as well as members of the Collaborative Partnership on Forests (CPF) and other partners.

The complete report of the meeting will be available in October 2009.

To download the presentations, please visit the FAO website.

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Reports & Analysis

Several UN-REDD countries participate in discussion on assessment and monitoring forest degradation

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