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Evidence base for Measuring and Assessing Terrestrial Carbon

forest_carbon_articleWithin the UN-REDD Programme, FAO is developing a collaborative project which will systematically analyse literature on methods to measure and assess terrestrial carbon stocks using an evidence-based process of the type widely used in medicine for scientifically-grounded decision-making.

The project will introduce the proven systematic review approach to forestry and land management. It will lend scientific credibility to the guidance given to countries who aspire to participate in a future REDD mechanism, and will provide scientific underpinning of the many approaches which exist.

The Draft Protocol: ‘Comparison of methods for the measurement and assessment of carbon stocks and carbon stock changes in terrestrial carbon pools’ which was produced collaboratively by Gill Petrokofsky, FAO/UN-REDD Programme and external experts has now been posted on the website of the Collaboration for Environmental Evidence, a consortium that facilitates systematic reviews. The document can be viewed at http://www.environmentalevidence.org/ (go to Draft reviews and it is draft protocol #77).

The Protocol is now at a stage where it is open to general view and feedback will be collected until Friday 11th September 2009. There is a template for submitting feedback directly to the CEE available on the Draft Protocols page.

The next phase will be putting together a team of reviewers for the full systematic review. They will be responsible for finalizing the Protocol using feedback received and their own expertise. Revisions to the Draft Protocol are posted on the CEE website and feedback is collected throughout the period of consultation.

The background information on the reviewers’ work is available on the CEE website. http://www.environmentalevidence.org/Authors.htm. Suggestions for potential reviewers are welcome.

The project web site is http://www.fao.org/climatechange/55337/en/