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April 2011

Ecuador states that UN-REDD Programme support will be instrumental to the country’s National REDD+ Strategy, especially in the areas of stakeholder engagement and setting up systems for measuring, reporting and verification for REDD+.

Marco Chiu, from Ecuador, presented the country's National Programme and funding request for US$4 million. He explained that REDD+ Readiness is already underway in the country with several ongoing activities, including field data collection for a National Forest Inventory, an established incentive-based program (Socio Bosque), and initiatives to ensure multiple benefits and multi-stakeholder engagement on REDD+. He noted that the UN-REDD National Programme will especially contribute to the National REDD+ Strategy on the MRV system and the stakeholder engagement components. In addition, the Programme aims to strengthen the legal financial and institutional framework for REDD+ implementation, financial stability, social and environmental co-benefits, as well as management of timber demand. Mr Chiu also explained the process to review the proposed National Programme Document since the last Policy Board meeting, which includes several workshops with civil society, indigenous peoples’ organizations and local communities held to ensure an open and participatory process. A “REDD+ advisory board” (mesa de seguimiento REDD) was established to follow up the development of the National Programme Document and to ensure that comments received during the workshops were taken into account as the process moved forward.

The Policy Board congratulated Ecuador on their presentation and commended the progress that Ecuador has made. They provided specific recommendations and had several questions in particular about inter-institutional coordination, inclusion of FPIC and other aspects related to consultation with indigenous peoples, and engagement with the private sector.

The Board approved Ecuador’s funding request for its full National Programme taking into account the recommendations from the Policy Board, independent technical reviews, and the Secretariat. These recommendations should be included in the NP document prior to the finalization.