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New DRC National Forest Monitoring System for REDD

The DRC officially launched its National Forest Monitoring System at a COP17 side event on 2 December, 2011, demonstrating live how it works and inviting users to go online at http://www.rdc-snsf.org/. it to use the tool and provide feedback.

A large crowd attended the side event and provided useful insights on the tool including representatives from Greenpeace, WWF and the European Union who praised the DRC’s effort and recognized the enormous contribution this system is making to the forest monitoring and MRV arena. The online system will allow anybody in the world to check an area of deforestation online in their region of interest and report whether or not the communicated deforestation areas and statistics are correct.

This National Forest Monitoring system, inspired by the Brazilian forest monitoring system TerraAmazon, but first in its kind, will allow the DRC to monitor the performance s from REDD+ demonstration activities and initiatives, deforestation in protected areas and logging concessions, as well as national policies and measures in the forestry sector. To do so, the system is integrating the information coming from the National REDD+ Registry into a single visualisation interface thus promoting transparency and coordination between the various initiatives underway on the ground.  The system was designed in a way that can also be used for other monitoring purposes as well as to report on other unrelated carbon assessment such as forest law enforcement.

The TerraCongo platform which provides the deforestation statistics to the online National Forest Monitoring System, is following the footsteps of the TerraAmazon platform developed by the Brazilian National Space Agency (INPE) providing a combination of open-source data, tools and algorithms that were adjusted to the country’s needs. It combines GIS, image processing, database management and data access functionalities. In both systems the information results can be easily verified through an online system.

Extensive onsite training at INPE’s training centre CRA in Belém, Brazil and at the FAO Headquarters in Rome, Italy has been ongoing throughout for 2011. The development of the web-based platform was carried out by FAO as part of its work in Monitoring, Measurement, Reporting and Verification within the UN-REDD Programme in conjunction with the Ministry of Environment, Conservation of Nature and Tourism.

For more information on the DRC Forest Monitoring System, please find more info in information note.

Contact persons:
DRC REDD+ Focal Point
Vincent Kasulu- kaseyamak@yahoo.fr

Coordinator of the DRC National REDD+ Coordination
Kanu Mbizi- kanumbizi@yahoo.fr

DRC National REDD+ Coordination Technical Advisor
Bruno Guay- Bruno.Guay@undp.org

FAO HQ DRC focal point
Danae Maniatis- danae.maniatis@fao.org

FAO HQ Coordinator of National Forest Monitoring Systems Development
Inge Jonckheere- inge.jonckheere@fao.org