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Thirteenth Policy Board Meeting

The thirteenth UN-REDD Programme Policy Board meeting will be held in Arusha, Tanzania on 3-7 November 2014. The itinerary for the meeting includes a field visit on 3 November, a joint knowledge sharing day with the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility on 4 November, a UN-REDD Programme Information Sharing Day on 5 November and the official Policy Board meeting on 6-7 November.

For any questions related to the Policy Board meeting, please contact us at: policyboard@un-redd.org.

Information Documents:

Information and Knowledge Sharing Sessions:

  • Session 1: National REDD+ Strategies

  • Session 2: Reference Emission Levels and Forest Reference Levels (REL/FRL)

  • Session 3: Tenure and REDD+

  • Session 4: SNA Work Plan & Budget Revision 2015

Policy Board meeting:

Session I - Opening and approval of Agenda:

  • Draft Provisional Agenda
    English - Español  - Français

  • Annotations to the Provisional Agenda
    English - Español  - Français

Session II - Overview of progress and results since the twelfth Policy Board:

  1. Semi-Annual Progress Report 2014
    English - Español - Français

  2. Annexes to Semi-Annual Progress Report 2014

    1. Bolivia  
    2. Cambodia  
    3. Ecuador  
    4. Nigeria  
    5. Panama  
    6. Papua New Guinea  
    7. Paraguay  
    8. Republic of Congo  
    9. Sri Lanka  
    10. Zambia  
    11. Support to National REDD+ Action (SNA)
      English  - Español  - Français  

  3. UN-REDD Programme Funding Framework
    English - Español  - Français

Session III - Funding Allocation Request:

  • SNA Workplan and Budget Addendum 2015
    English - Español  - Français

  • SNA Monitoring Framework 2013-2015
    English - Español  - Français

  • SNA Submisson Form for Sixth Budget Revision
    English - Español  - Français

National Programmes for approval

  • Uganda
    • Readiness Preparation Proposal (R-PP)
      English - Español - Français

Session IV - Strategic and Policy Issues:

Session V - Country Experiences: From readiness to implementation:

Session VI - SNA Update:

  • Country Needs Assessment
  • Private Sector Engagement

Session VIII - Strategic and Policy Issues:

Session IX - Closing of Meeting

Knowledge Sharing Day:

  • Agenda
    English - Español  - Français

The UN-REDD Programme releases its inaugural Year in Review report for 2009

18 March 2010

The UN-REDD Programme releases its inaugural Year in Review report for 2009
Read the report: English French Spanish


(12 March 2010) Just 18 months ago, the United Nations Secretary General and Norway launched a global initiative to curb deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries, called the UN-REDD Programme. Since then, the Programme has grown to become a credible multi-lateral initiative supporting developing country REDD+ readiness efforts.

The UN-REDD Programme’s “2009 Year in Review” reflects on the Programme’s first full year in operation, highlighting the significant progress of its pilot countries, the partnerships it cultivated with international partners throughout the year, and the impact the Programme was able to make in building international consensus for REDD+. The report also highlights the important national and international work the Programme supported in key work areas, including measuring, reporting and verification (MRV), engagement of Indigenous Peoples and Civil Society and in the promotion of the multiple benefits of forests.

The report features testimonials of the UN-REDD Programme from various leaders in the REDD+ milieu, including heads of the UN-REDD Programme’s three convening agencies, Helen Clark (UNDP), Jacques Diouf (FAO) and Achim Steiner (UNEP), Norway’s Environment and International Cooperation Minister, Erik Solheim, as well as national REDD+ focal points and representatives from forestry organizations and NGOs.

“Through the experience and significant advances made by the pilot countries, the UN-REDD Programme quickly coalesced into a community of practice for REDD+ that facilitated confidence building, sharing of practical experiences… and created a space for broader stakeholder engagement,” writes Yemi Katerere, Head of the UN-REDD Programme.

To minimize environmental impact and contribute to climate neutrality, the UN-REDD Programme has printed a limited amount of its 2009 Year in Review report but has made PDF versions available on the website in English, French and Spanish. If you require a printed copy of the report, please send a request to: cheryl.rosebush@un-redd.org.