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Multiple benefits: Global activities
Global congruence between biomass carbon and overall species richness (Strassburg et al. 2010)

The UN-REDD Programme seeks to develop common approaches and guidelines for REDD+ that can be easily adapted for use by any REDD+ eligible country. In this context, UNEP is developing a range of tools and guidance and providing direct assistance on ecosystem-based multiple benefits. The results to date are available below:


Multiple Benefits Series:
(also see National activities)

1 - What are the ecosystem-derived benefits of REDD+ and why do they matter?

2 - Safeguarding and enhancing the ecosystem-derived benefits of REDD+

3 - Monitoring for REDD+: carbon stock change and multiple benefits

4 - Carbon and biodiversity relationships in tropical forests

9 - Potential links between monitoring for multiple benefits of REDD+ and the monitoring requirements of the Rio Conventions

10 - A safer bet for REDD+: Review of the evidence on the relationship between biodiversity and the resilience of forest carbon stocks (Executive Summary) (Résumé) (Resumen Ejecutivo)