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UN-REDD Social and Environmental Principles and Criteria Welcomed at the UN-REDD 8th Policy Board Meeting

In February 2012, the UN-REDD Programme held a two day workshop on the Social and Environmental Principles and Criteria (SEPC) and the associated Benefits and Risks Tool (BeRT) in Geneva.  This workshop was the culmination of a public review process on the SEPC which took place between October 2011 and January 2012 (see the workshop summary report).

A meeting was subsequently organised in Cambridge, in March 2012, between the UN-REDD Programme (SEPC and PGA teams) and REDD+ SES. This meeting contributed to a clearer understanding of relationships between the UN-REDD Programme tools and the REDD+ SES and their major objectives. A summary report of this meeting is now available here.

Following discussions at the eighth UN-REDD Policy Board meeting held in Asuncion, Paraguay 25th-26th March, the SEPC were welcomed by the Policy Board as a guiding framework for the UN-REDD Programme.

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