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Benefits and Risks Tool (BeRT)

As agreed at the UNFCCC conference in Cancun in 2010 (COP 16), there is a set of seven safeguards to be promoted and supported when undertaking REDD+ activities, the ‘Cancun safeguards’. The UN-REDD Programme aims to help partner countries to develop their own ‘country approach to safeguards’, involving work on Policies, Laws and Regulations (PLRs), and on a Safeguards Information System (see Figure).

The Benefits and Risks Tool (BeRT) has been developed to assist with the review and gap analysis of countries’ PLRs in relation to these safeguards. It can help countries to ensure that there are PLRs that promote and support, and that aim to ensure that REDD+ activities are consistent with, the Cancun safeguards.

This tool includes three modules, which focus on the identification of the following for the REDD+ country in question:

  1. REDD+ actions
  2. Potential risks and benefits from these actions, in relation to the Cancun safeguards
  3. Policies, laws and regulations (PLRs) relevant to these risks and benefits, in relation to the Cancun safeguards; as well as gaps in the PLRs that may need to be addressed

The tool is in a late stage of development. Please get in touch for further details (see contacts on the right).

The original version of the Benefit and Risks Tool (BeRT) was developed to apply the UN-REDD’s Social and Environmental Principles and Criteria in the formulation of UN-REDD National Programmes. The content of this tool has been drawn on in the production of the new BeRT. For more on the earlier tool, please follow this link.
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