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Benefits and Risks Tool (BeRT): Supporting countries to address and respect the Cancun Safeguards

The UN-REDD Programme Benefits and Risks Tool (BeRT) supports REDD+ countries to: a) assess the social and environmental risks and benefits associated with potential REDD+ actions (also known as candidate Policies and Measures, PAMs) and b) analyse how existing policies, laws and regulations (PLRs) address the Cancun safeguards.

Under the UNFCCC, Parties to the Convention have agreed to a set of seven safeguards (UNFCCC Decision 1/CP.16) to be promoted and supported when undertaking REDD+ activities, known as the Cancun safeguards. Parties implementing REDD+ are asked to develop both a Safeguard Information System (SIS) and provide a summary of information (Decision 12/CP.17) on how all the safeguards are being addressed and respected throughout the implementation of the REDD+ activities. The summary should be included in national communications, after REDD+ activities start, and may also be provided via the UNFCCC’s REDD+ web platform (Decision 12/CP.19).

The UN-REDD Programme's tools and guidance are designed to enable REDD+ countries to take a flexible “country approach” in responding to the Cancun safeguards and other related UNFCCC decisions.  This approach is intended to minimize, mitigate and manage social and environmental risks and impacts and enhance the benefits of REDD+. It has two key components: (1) policies, laws and regulations (PLRs) through which safeguards are addressed and respected and (2) a safeguards information system (SIS), for collection and provision of information on how the Cancun safeguards are being addressed and respected throughout the implementation of REDD+ activities.

The Programme’s revamped Benefits and Risks Tool (BeRT) is designed to support countries to:

  • Identify benefits and risks associated with REDD+ actions, in the context of the Cancun safeguards
  • Determine how the country’s existing policies, laws and regulations (PLRs) already address the risks or promote the benefits identified
  • Identify gaps in the PLR framework that may need to be addressed in order to address and respect the Cancun safeguards in REDD+ implementation.
  • Utilize information on the benefits and risks of specific REDD+ actions/options to inform decisions on which actions to include in the REDD+ strategy.
  • Provide content for use in the summary of information on how countries are addressing and respecting the safeguards through existing PLRs.

You can download BeRT in English, French and Spanish. Please refer to the accompanying BeRT User Guide (available in English, French and Spanish) for more information on how to use the tool.
Please send questions and comments to: BeRT@un-redd.org.


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