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The Country Approach to Safeguards Tool (CAST)


The Country Approach to Safeguards Tool (CAST) has been developed as a practical evolution of the UN-REDD Framework for Supporting the Development of Country Approaches to Safeguards.  CAST provides countries with an Excel-based, interactive tool to plan and review the development of their approaches to REDD+ safeguards.  CAST is designed to be voluntarily applied by REDD+ countries in order to support their planning efforts for activities related to safeguards and SIS, carried out in response to the relevant UNFCCC decisions.  CAST includes a comprehensive library of tools and resources relevant to country approaches to safeguards, including both those of UN-REDD as well as those developed by other key programmes and initiatives.  CAST may be broadly applied to the full scope of activities related to REDD+ safeguards and SIS in a country, rather than limited to UN-REDD supported activities. Given this, CAST may be used by any REDD+ country, rather than being limited for use by UN-REDD countries.

Specific Functions:
Using CAST can support countries to:

  • Identify and prioritize activities (and/or review activities undertaken to date) to develop or further develop their approach to safeguards in the context of the national REDD+ strategy;
  • Identify tools, guidelines and resources available to support each activity or area of work;
  • Clarify how the processes and tools of various safeguards approaches, including those of the FCPF’s Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment (SESA) and the CCBA-CARE REDD+ Social and Environmental Standards (REDD+ SES), correspond to generic steps and activities to plan and implement a country approach to safeguards.

Download CAST in english | español | français

For more information on the structure of CAST as well as further guidance on how to use the tool, please refer to the CAST User’s Guide, available in english, español, and français.

We welcome feedback on the structure and content of the tool, please send any comments to cast@un-redd.org preferably using this template

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