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Multiple Benefits: Publications

This page provides a single point of access to all the publications on the ecosystem-based benefits of REDD+ whose production has been supported by the UN-REDD Programme.

Policy Briefs
  • UN-REDD Policy Brief on REDD+ and the 2020 Aichi Biodiversity Targets: Promoting Synergies in International Forest Conservation Efforts
    English - Español - Français
  • Putting REDD+ Safeguards and Safeguard Information Systems into Practice
    English - Français - Español
  • REDD+ Beyond Carbon: Supporting Decisions on Safeguards and Multiple Benefits
    English - Français - Español


Multiple Benefits Series

1 - What are the ecosystem-derived benefits of REDD+ and why do they matter? (October 2010)

2 - Safeguarding and enhancing the ecosystem-derived benefits of REDD+ (October 2010)

3 - Monitoring for REDD+: carbon stock change and multiple benefits (October 2010)

4 - Carbon and biodiversity relationships in tropical forests (October 2010)

5 - Ecosystem services from new and restored forests: tool development (October 2010)

6 - Methods for assessing and monitoring change in the ecosystem-derived benefits of afforestation, reforestation and forest restoration (October 2010)

7 - Registro de datos útiles para la toma de decisiones en relación a REDD+ y sus beneficios multiples (Bolivia; October 2010)

8 - Identifying and mapping the biodiversity and ecosystem-based multiple benefits of REDD+. A manual for the ExploringMultipleBenefits tool (December 2011)

9 - Potential links between monitoring for multiple benefits of REDD+ and the monitoring requirements of the Rio Conventions (October 2010)

10 - A safer bet for REDD+: Review of the evidence on the relationship between biodiversity and the resilience of forest carbon stocks (Executive Summary) (Résumé) (Resumen Ejecutivo) (October 2010)

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