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UN-REDD Programme in Latin America and the Caribbean
Mexico Guatemala Honduras Costa Rica Panama Colombia Ecuador Peru Guyana Suriname Bolivia Chile Argentina Paraguay

Click on the interactive map to learn more about UN-REDD National Programmes in Latin America and the Caribbean

The Programme currently supports 14 partner countries in the region of Latin America. Six countries, namely Argentina, the Plurinational State of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Paraguay, receive direct support for their National UN-REDD Programmes.

Other UN-REDD Programme partner countries in Latin America include Chile, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Mexico, Peru and Suriname. These countries can benefit from receiving targeted support from the UN-REDD Global Programme’s Support to National REDD+ Action (SNA). They also engage with the Programme in a number of ways, including as observers to the Programme's Policy Board, and through participation in regional workshops and unique knowledge-sharing opportunities.
Latin America and the Caribbean Updates

Technical Report on LAC South-South Exchange on Developing REDD+ Strategies now available.

December 2014

The final version of the Technical Report on LAC South-South Exchange on Developing REDD+ Strategies is now available. This document is a useful reference for countries in the various regions to learn from the experiences of LAC countries in the development of their action plans or National REDD+ Strategies taking into account the Cancun Agreements and the Warsaw Framework. The report summarizes best practices and lessons learned on the technical, legal, institutional, operational and financial issues of the process.

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Segundo Taller Regional America Latina y Caribe Sobre Consulta Previa y el Consentimiento Previo, Libre e Informado

November 2013

En enero 2013, el programa ONU REDD y el PNUD organizaron un primer foro regional sobre procesos participativos, consulta y consentimiento previo, libre en informado (CLPI) en relación a los procesos de preparación a REDD+ en Lima, Perú.
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Stakeholder Engagement Advanced Through Innovative Workshop Series

Second Regional Workshop in Latin America and Caribbean on the issue of Prior Consultation and Free, Prior and informed Consent.
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ONU-REDD y el Ministerio del Ambiente del Ecuador Comparten Experiencias en el Desarrollo y Mejoramiento de Sistemas Web de Información

November 2013

Los equipos del Programa de ONU-REDD y del Sistema Único de Información Ambiental del Ministerio del Ambiente del Ecuador se reunieron del 4-8 de noviembre para intercambiar experiencias sobre sistemas web de información.
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Ecuador Strengthens its REDD+ Working Group and Debates Participatory Governance Assessments

October 2013

With the technical support of the UN-REDD Joint National Programme, Ecuador’s Environmental Ministry held a meeting on October 8, 2013, the third meeting of this REDD+ Working Group.
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En Ecuador se Consolida Mesa REDD+ y se Debate la Evaluación Participativa de Gobernanza

El Ministerio de Ambiente, con el apoyo técnico del Programa Nacional Conjunto ONU-REDD Ecuador, realizó el martes 8 de octubre de 2013 la Tercera Reunión Ordinaria de la Mesa de Trabajo REDD+ (MdT).
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UN-REDD Strengthens Capacities of Indigenous People in Peru

September 2013

The Ministry of Environment has undertaken a series of informative and awareness workshops addressed to local Peruvian Amazonian indigenous organizations from November 2012 until April 2013.
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Meetings in Costa Rica’s Indigenous Territories Analyze Safeguards

September 2013

The Information System Project for the approach and application of the REDD+ Safeguards of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), and the REDD Secretariat in Costa Rica, organized two workshops with representatives from indigenous territories to jointly analyze expectations on the issue of safeguards.
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Taking Stock of Sustainable Livestock for REDD+ in Ecuador

August 2013

On 29 July, Ecuador's Ministry of Environment (MAE), Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Aquaculture and Fishing (MAGAP), and the UN-REDD Programme convened a workshop on "Sustainable Livestock as a potential REDD+ activity in Ecuador."
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Mesoamerican Countries Collaborate on Forest Monitoring for REDD+

August 2013

A regional workshop "Opportunities for International Cooperation to Strengthen Forest Monitoring and REDD+ Readiness in Mesoamerica" took place in Mexico City, Mexico on the 29 and 30 of July.
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