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Key results and achievements - Programme in PNG


  • The 1st PEB meeting was held on 21st March, informing all executive board members on AWP 2013. A proposal for programme extension was endorsed and official request for non-cost extension submitted to the UN-REDD Secretariat by PMU on June 14th 2013.
  • A Technical Working Group on Social and Environmental Safeguards (TWG-SES) was established, and an International Programme Manager was recruited and commenced his duties.

  • UN-REDD PNG knowledge and planned activities for Milne Bay Province with concerted with UN-REDD Solomon Islands activities and integrated in the ongoing SPC/GIZ ‘Climate Protection through Forest Conservation in Pacific Island Countries’ project and provided feedback for its proposed regional ‘Climate Protection through Conservation in Pacific Island Countries’ project.

  • A TWG-SES was established that will guide the development of SES Guidelines and the hiring of national and international experts .

  • Three national consultants were hired in February 2013 and familiarized with the FAO Open Foris software family, in preparation for remote sensing analysis to begin in the second half of 2013, and monitoring system laboratory was established.

  • Strengthening and review of the draft National Guidelines on Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) on the basis of current literature, field studies and comparative analysis based on field visits was completed.

  • A MoU between OCCD and FORCERT (a leading NGO on SFM) was signed to study proposed BSDS mechanisms based on experiences in PES. Further development of the proposed methodology to fit within internationally recognised standards is scheduled. 


  • “Network” established through the combined technical working groups (REDD+, MRV, and Adaptation), and the 1st PEB meeting was held.
  • FPIC guidelines are currently being tested in two demonstration sites through PNG National Forest Authority. The results from the demonstration sites will contribute to the review of FPIC Guidelines.
  • TORs for Carbon Rights and Benefit Sharing Distribution Systems study were completed for presentation to PEB for approval prior to commencing recruitment process.
  • NFI gap analysis has been completed and approved by FAO, in preparation for the full NFI workshop.
  • A national level REDD+ training was conducted between 30th and 31st October. The Nature Conservancy’s training package formed the foundation for the materials edited by World Conservation Society.


  • Involvement in conducting MRV and REDD+ Technical Working Group (TWG) meetings to ensure stakeholder engagement in the design of a National MRV and REDD+ Mechanism.    
  • A roadmap of all DP climate change assistance to Government of PNG through various government agencies has been produced and held in Office of Climate Change and Development (OCCD) as a guide for coordination and avoid duplication among partners to advance the work of REDD in the country with a two specific provincial government consultative workshops.  
  • Implementation began with the MRV Design Workshop led by FAO to help stakeholders to understand what they have to do (develop a MRV Action Plan and a NFI Action Plan).
  • National Programme Inception Workshop held on 12 and 13 July 2011 to improve awareness amongst stakeholders on the purpose of PNG’s Programme and agreement on the Work Plans.
  • In August, FAO assisted OCCD to draft PNG’s REDD+ Action Plan for Information and MRV, to help government to build their specific MRV and NFI action Plans. Report from Information, Monitoring and MRV Workshop is available here.
  • A group of GIS experts from different PNG government departments and academy went to Brazil in September for a 2 week-training organized by FAO to learn about the Information and MRV system.   
  • Draft of FPIC guidelines currently under review.   
  • OCCD began trialing REDD awareness raising targeting government representatives at the provincial, district and local levels in Morobe and New Ireland Province.