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Key results and achievements - Programme in Indonesia


  • The operational phase 1 of Indonesia UN-REDD Programme was closed in October 2012.
  • Stakeholders, especially religious leaders, supported the programme through its Declaration on the reduction of emission in Central Sulawesi (Jun 2012).
  • Religious Alliance for Climate Change in Central Sulawesi was established (Jun 2012).
  • Governor Decree on the Selected 5 districts in Central Sulawesi for developing REDD+ Demonstration Activities was issued (May 2012).
  • Issuance of a letter from REDD+ Task Force to the Governor of Central Sulawesi to be one of province partners under the Letter of Intent of Indonesia-Norway programme (May 2012).
  • Established “REDD komunikator” (the Communicator of REDD) mailing list as a media to share effective approaches on REDD+ campaign to various stakeholder targets. About 194 messages have been uploaded and discussed.
  • Published communication materials for FPIC implementation (comics, calendar, poster, animation film, brochures, flipchart presentations for communities living in remote areas)
  • Broadcasted REDD+ programmes by a national television (TVRI) and province television (Palu TV) (Apr 2012).
  • Developed syllabus for basic Remote Sensing training (Feb 2012), and for field measurement inventory training (Jan 2012).
  • Conducted the 2nd trainings on basic remote sensing analysis collaborated with Pusdiklat (Feb 2012).
  • In-house training to implement forest and carbon inventory in Palu, and developed protocol/guidelines to guide field implementation of carbon inventory (June 2012).
  • Stakeholder consultation through a University Forum Meeting on REL methodology at Palu (Feb 2012) involving 15 professors from 13 universities at Eastern Indonesia, and facilitating the REDD+ WG of Central Sulawesi on identifying options to calculate REL for Central Sulawesi (Mar 2012).
  • Available and provisional data for REL calculation for Central Sulawesi, and developed module for REL training (Mar 2012).
  • Relevant stakeholders were strengthened through a training for 33 provincial representatives on how to calculate REL for land-based emission reduction and identifying action plan at province in collaboration with BAPPENAS and Training Center of Forestry Ministry of Forest (Jun 2012), and a training on Forestry Baseline in coordination with BAPPENAS (Apr 2012)
  • Submitted Benefit Distribution System (BDS) roadmap to REDD+ Task Force (Jan 2012), and capacitated relevant stakeholders on BDS options for Central Sulawesi through a training (Jun 2012).
  • Additional data (maps) with information on degraded land was sent to and analyzed by WCMC-UNEP (Feb 2012).
  • Agreed on toolkit packages to be developed and delivered by WCMC (Jan 2012).
  • Literature reviewed by UNEP-WCMC on impacts of different options for REDD+ action on multiple benefits. The first draft of guidance document for district level stakeholders (including graphic presentation of results) has been developed and reviewed by PMU and colleagues at Tadulako University (Mar-Jun 2012).
  • Developed criteria to assess the districts potentially for REDD+ Demonstration Activities (Feb 2012)
  • Developed a book of training profile for Climate Change and REDD+ in collaboration with Forestry Training Center (Pusdiklat Kehutanan) (Jun 2012).
  • Training for Trainer for FPIC facilitators to implement piloting FPIC (Mar 2012). 
  • Piloting of the Implementation of FPIC guideline for the Dampelas Tinombo Forest  

  • Management Unit’s forest rehabilitation programme in Lembah Mukti Village (Mar 2012).

  • Trained potential independent evaluators in the FPIC evaluation methodology (Apr 2012).


  • Coordination meeting on potential collaboration for developing a payment mechanism with UN-REDD, REDD+ Task Force, and WB/FCPF (December 2011)  
  • More than 50 Identified additional data for further analysis on co-benefits (December 2011 in Palu)
  • Identified tool-kit package was developed within the limited time period and budget to enhanced REDD+ understanding. The package included a collaboration through an MRV workshop for universities to build their understanding of maximizing potential carbon benefits and incorporating co-benefits at the provincial level. (December 2011 in Bogor) (September 2011 in Palu)  
  • Produced map layers to estimate carbon stock in the province (July 2011 in Cambridge, UK)
  • Recommendation on National REDD+ Information, Monitoring & MRV Action Plan to the REDD+ Task Force and other government institutions; and development of a draft Forestry MRV Roadmap (April 2011) 
  • NFI study trip to FAO headquarters with staff from Ministry of Forestry to discuss the options for re-designing the NFI (since March 2011) 
  • Compiled funding and fiscal transfer systems that currently exist in Indonesia (March – July 2011)
  • Policy Recommendation on FPIC Principles at national and provincial levels (in collaboration with National Forestry Council/DKN and the recommendation was submitted to UKP4/Satgas REDD+ in February 2011)
  • Three national consultations on FPIC policy, Forest Industry based Forestry Development Road Map, National Park based Forestry Development Road Map (in Yogyakarta, Samarinda, Jakarta with 200 experts, January to March 2011).

  • 10 ‘fast facts’ (fact sheets) on national REDD+ strategy developed and distributed at Forestry conference
  • Nationwide multi-stakeholder consultations in developing key policy issues, including inter-ministerial roundtable discussion, sub-national and national consultations with representatives from governments, private sector, CSOs/NGOs, local communities and Indigenous Peoples, academic groups and experts. 
  • Broadcasting through a national television (TVRI) and province television (Palu TV), facilitated through a joint workshop with RECOFTC on capacity building for journalists (April 2011), collaborated with the Central Sulawesi REDD+ Working Group on Media Gathering to raise awareness (February 2011)  
  • Early awareness-raising on climate change and REDD+ issues to the district forestry offices in the Central Sulawesi province (Nov 2011 in Palu attended by all representative of forestry offices from all districts) Central Sulawesi Media Gathering to promote the understanding of REDD+, climate change issues and the UN-REDD Programme (February 2011)



  • Effective coordination of Indonesia’s diplomats (Ambassadors, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) about REDD+ in collaboration with Center for International Cooperation, Ministry of Forestry (November 2010)  
  • Study on land use classification based on Spot 4 image for Central Sulawesi (October 2010)
  • Study on land use classification based on Spot 4 image for Central Sulawesi (October 2010)
  • Lessons Learned from National REDD+ Strategy process (in Indonesian and English)
  • Promotional materials of UN-REDD for national and international exhibitions
  • Study on land use classification based on Spot 4 image for Central Sulawesi (October 2010)
  • Initial historical emission levels for LULUCF for Central Sulawesi developed (October 2010); and initial discussions held on Reference Emissions Levels/Reference Levels through a Focus Groups Discussion