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Key results and achievements - Programme in Cambodia


  • The REDD+ Taskforce Secretariat was completed by the end of January 2013, and 6 government officers were designated as Participatory Land and Forest Management Project for Reducing Deforestation (PA-REDD) team on 26 June 2013 by MoE in order to re-position REDD+ team.

  • 5 government officers from FA and GDANCP were attended Training on Global National Implementation Orientation on 5-6 March 2013, and 7 members from secretariat attended the 3rd Regional Lessons Learned Workshop on REDD+ Social and Environmental Safeguards Bangkok.

  • As part of IP representative re-selection process in the 15 provinces, the selection has been done in 8 provinces.

  • The Cambodia REDD+ Website was launched in May. The Communication Strategy for UN-REDD programme has developed and approved, and waiting for the Cambodia REDD+ Taskforce advice on the scope of this strategy.

  • Video clip on Introduction of REDD+ was voiced over from English to Khmer and uploaded on REDD+ Programme website and UN-REDD website and Booklet on Introduction of REDD+ is ready to be publiched.

  • Photo Contest and Concert Arrangement has been done with Communication and Information Department of Royal University of Phnom Penh for Photo contest and SMART for concert.

  • Research studies were conducted in Protected Flooded Forest in Kampong Chhnang province and Mangrove Forest in Preah Sihanouk province to identify potential areas for REDD. The study reports were produced and submitted to secretariat in January 2013.

  • Monitoring system needs and programs draft report has been provided by the consultant.

  • The various products related to land cover analysis at national and sub-national level were collected from a wide range of institutions. The report on Land cover and forest classification systems of Cambodia has been made available and includes recommendations of the development of a harmonized classification system.

  • A two-day technical work session on land cover classification software (LCCS) has facilitated the discussion on a harmonized land cover classification system and indicated LCCS software as a useful tool for harmonization.

  • A three-day national consultation has been organized, bringing together 30 participants from different Government institutions, NGO’s, private sector to present findings of the review of classification systems and the need for accurate classification for the establishment of the National Forest Monitoring System. A subsequent recommendations paper on the land and forest classification system of Cambodia has been prepared.

  • The Cambodia based company Aruna Technology Ltd. has been awarded a contract to conduct an inventory of remote sensing imagery accessibility and review of usability and licenses of existing imagery in Cambodia, and to catalogue the freely available and licensed remote sensing data.

  • A data sharing agreement with the FA had been signed. Forest Inventory data of the Forestry Administration and NGO data ( WCS, Wildlife alliance, PACT, Conservation Japan, RECOFTC, GERES, and others) has been collected and is stored in the REDD+ secretariat


  • The Government nominated the members of the Taskforce Secretariat in November 2011. In November 2012, the Forest Administration requested Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries to established REDD+ Tasksforce - Communication Officer, Admin and Finance Assistant, Programme Coordinator, Technical Specialist, Finance and Procurement Officer. The Taskforce started working for the Secretariat from late July 2012. 
  • The first PEB meeting took place in June 2012, and the Annual Workplan were approved.
  • In February 2012, the identification of representatives from civil society (CSOs) and indigenous peoples (IPs) for the consultation group and PEB was initiated during an initial workshop. Preparation for a 3-day workshop was started in collaboration with NGOs. The CSO & IP representatives for UN-REDD were selected to represent in  the PEB were selected during a 3-dayworkshop in September 2012.
  • Community Fishery meeting was held and extension on REDD+ was provided. REDD+ issues have been discussed during the network meeting. Concept notes for Community forestry and community protected areas were developed.
  • Draft Consultation and Participation plan was developed as part of the Inception report. Two events were organized to provide an opportunity for stakeholders to gain information on the programme and planned activities (including Inception workshop). Information was also circulated in the national newspapers and the internet.
  • A Concept note for the Development of the National Protected Areas Strategic Management Plan has been jointly developed with GDANCP in late 2012. 
  • A preliminary research was conducted in Protected Flooded Forest in Kampong Chhnang province and Mangrove Forest in Preah Sihanouk province to identify potential areas for REDD+.
  • One training course on GHG Inventory has been organized in Siem Reap in November 2012. Under the guidance of a senior international expert, key issues related to the implementation of a function GHG inventory have been identified.
  •  One International training on Tropical Forest Monitoring has been organized at the National Institute for Space Research (INPE) in Brazil in October 2012.
  • MRV experts were recruited to establish National MRV/REL Technical Team. The experts would provide support and coordination of MRV activities and work on the assessment of the capacities for the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery.
  • The Inception workshop of the TCP has been organized in Phnom Penh in September 2012. An NFI international expert has been contracted by DANIDA.
  • Definitions of National forest in the NFP were reviewed to provide recommendations for revisions as appropriate.
  • Database of inventory of the existing allometric equations to estimate biomass and carbon stocks from tree measurements were established. A report on Tree Volume and Biomass Allometric equations of Cambodia has been prepared.
  • Structure of central database of all information on forest carbon stocks was being developed.


  • The Government has initiated the process of establishing the taskforce and is coordinating the issuing of a request between the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries.

  • An Inception Workshop, held in Novemeber, to launch the programme was discussed among  Government, UNDP and FAO.

  • Work has commenced on forming the Programme Executive Board with Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) and the Ministry of Environment (MoE). This is closely linked with the formation of the Taskforce. A process for identifying representatives from other groups including civil society and indigenous peoples has also been initiated.

  • An Inception Workshop was held on 17 November to launch the programme. The event provided an opportunity for stakeholders to gain information on the programme, its structure and planned activities over the coming months.  Information on the meeting was also circulated in the national newspapers and the internet.

  • National REDD+ pilot project guideline were developed and two demonstration projects, identified in the project document, have submitted proposals and received funds to support progress towards project completion.