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  22 April 2016
Breaking news: Record number of countries sign Paris Climate Agreement.
News announcement.
List of 175 signatory countries.
Country statements.
  22 April 2016
News: US$ 200 million agreement signed between CAFI and the DRC set to prevent tree loss and ensure sustainable development
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  21 April 2016
Webcast: Forests for Climate -- Briefing on the role tropical forests—and indigenous peoples who protect them—must play in reaching Paris Agreement’s targets.
  15 April 2016
FAO and Google advance data access for sustainable land and forest management.
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  14 April
News: New UN web tool launched by UN-REDD Programme demonstrates climate benefits of protecting apes.
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  14 April 2016
Enrollment open for the free online REDD+ Academy course.
Register today to secure your place. 

8 April 2016
April/May 2016 issue of the REDD+ Resource is now available.
5 April 2016
Plant a Tree to Mark April 22 Signing of the Paris Agreement. Join Earth Day Network’s 'Trees for the Earth’
3 February 2016
February / March 2016 issue of the REDD+ Resource is now available.
  17 December 2015
Special COP21 Issue: REDD+ Weekly Roundup -- news, photos, videos from COP21, and full text of Paris Agreement
  13 December 2015
Forests and REDD+ recognized as key components of landmark climate deal agreed in Paris
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  8 December 2015
UN Global Climate Conference: REDD+ leaders reiterate value of UN-REDD Programme and role of forests to mitigate climate change.

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7 December 2015
UNEP launches 2015 Emissions Gap Report with chapter highlighting importance of REDD+.
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  4 December 2015
December 2015 / January 2016 issue of the REDD+ Resource is now available.


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