The United Nations Collaborative Programme
on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation
and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries
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Global Support to Partner Countries
The UN-REDD Programme supports national REDD+ readiness efforts in two ways: (i) direct support to the design and implementation of UN-REDD National Programmes; and (ii) complementary support to national REDD+ action through common approaches, analyses, methodologies, tools, data and best practices developed through the UN-REDD Global Programme. By June 2013, total funding for these two streams of support to countries totaled US$172.4 million.

Support from the UN-REDD Global Programme is delivered to partner countries through seven integrated work areas:

Regional Support to Partner Countries
The UN-REDD Programme supports 49 countries across Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America and the Caribbean in their REDD+ readiness efforts. UN-REDD Programme regional teams operate in all three of these areas to help coordinate efforts across countries in the region and liaise with other regional teams to ensure all countries in the UN-REDD Programme can benefit from knowledge sharing and important lessons learned.
Credit: Jim Ball
Credit: Jim Ball
Credit: Jim Ball