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Global Landscapes Forum | Warsaw

Shaping the climate and development agenda
for forests and agriculture. A vision beyond 2015.

Warsaw, Poland
16-17 November 2013

The Global Landscapes Forum combines into one event two of the world’s most influential annual conferences on the role of forests and agriculture in mitigating and adapting to climate change: Forest Day, and Agricultural and Rural Development Day.

This will be a global platform to inform and engage world leaders, policymakers, scientists, donors, media, civil society, the private sector, indigenous and community groups, and climate negotiators on the role sustainable landscapes can play in providing food, shelter, income and ecosystem services and environmental goods. The objective is to develop the potential of the landscape approach to inform future UNFCCC agreements and the achievement of the proposed Sustainable Development Goals.

The forum is proposed to be organized along four main themes:

  1. Investing in sustainable landscapes in forests and on farms
  2. Landscapes policy and governance for forestry, agriculture and other land uses
  3. Synergies between adapting to and mitigating climate change in forest and agricultural landscapes
  4. Landscapes for food security and nutrition

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More info: www.landscapes.org