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Monday, 9 May 2011, 13h00 – 15h00, International Environment House II

In celebration of the International Year of Forests the UN-REDD Programme together with Norway hosted a briefing to Permanent Missions in Geneva on the United Nations Collaborative Programme of FAO, UNDP and UNEP, on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries (UN-REDD). H.E. Bente Angell-Hansen, Ambassador, Permanent Mission of Norway to UNOG welcomed participants to the event underscoring the significance of the work countries are doing with the UN-REDD Programme on REDD+. The event was moderated by Christophe Bouvier, Director and Regional Representative, UNEP and speakers included: Norway, Switzerland, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the UN-REDD Programme.

PPT Presentations:

Norway’s commitment to REDD+ and the UN-REDD Programme - Gry Asp Solstad, Advisor, Norway’s International Climate & Forest Initiative, Ministry of Environment, Government of Norway

Switzerland’s role in REDD+ and as host country to the Programme’s secretariat - Jürgen Blaser, Global Forest Advisor, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Government of Switzerland

Evolution of the UNFCCC REDD+ negotiations & key milestones from Cancun to Durban - Clea Paz-Rivera, Programme Officer – National Programmes, UN-REDD Programme

Overview of the UN-REDD Programme - Yemi Katerere, Head, UN-REDD Programme Secretariat

Achievements, progress and challenges in DRC’s national REDD+ readiness phase - Brigitte Mukundji Eale, Climate Expert, Permanent Mission of the DRC to UNOG