The United Nations Collaborative Programme
on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation
and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries
UN-REDD Programme in Indonesia

Indonesia’s forest land comprises 60 % of the country’s land area, which makes it the third largest area of tropical rainforest in the world. Indonesia’s forest is therefore important not only for the national economy and local livelihoods, but also for the global environment. The Indonesian rainforests are also among the world’s richest in terms of biodiversity, and cover a significant proportion of the planet’s tropical deep peat. The Government of Indonesia estimates that, for each year between 2003 and 2006, around 1.17 million ha of forest was cleared or degraded.

The operational phase 1 of Indonesia UN-REDD Programme was closed in October 2012. Since its inception in October 2009, the Programme has worked with relevant government agencies, NGOs/ CSOs, academics and the private sector at the national level and in its pilot province, Central Sulawesi, where a multi-stakeholder REDD+ Working Group is very active. The Programme has been instrumental in the development of several decrees. A methodology for Reference Emission Level was developed and a National Forest Inventory database has been set up. Before its completion the Programme will also prepare a REDD+ implementation plan for Central Sulawesi. UNEP has been assisting Central Kalimantan with the development of a roadmap for green growth focusing on forest and natural resources.

UNEP has been assisting Central Kalimantan with the development of a roadmap for green growth focusing on forest and natural resources. In 2012, Indonesia has moved towards finalizing indicators for Participatory Governance Assessment (PGA) in the context of REDD+.  For an overview of Indonesia’s PGA Framework, Structure and Flow of Indicator Measures, click here.

Programme Activity Updates

Learning Exchange on Free, Prior and Informed Consent in Indonesia

June 2013

A learning exchange workshop held in June explored lessons learned from efforts to implement FPIC.
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Valuable Breakthrough in Indonesia’s Efforts Towards Improved REDD+ Governance

May 2013

Indonesian stakeholders launch Participatory Governance Assessment for REDD+. Read full article…
By: Tina Hageberg, Dr. Abdul Wahib Situmorang and Emelyne Cheney

Indonesia and UN-REDD to Host Global Symposium on REDD+ in a Green Economy

March 2013

The Global Symposium aims to highlight how REDD+ can help countries to further develop their green growth agenda.
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REDD+ in Indonesia – Is Indonesia Ready?

Dec 2012/Jan 2013

After three years of effective REDD+-readiness work, supported by Indonesia's UN-REDD National Programme, the country is progressing towards the next phase of its REDD+ efforts. Read full article…
By: Rogier Klaver

Indonesia Presents its REDD+ Forest Governance Progress

November 2012


During an international forest governance session last month in Republic of the Congo, Indonesia highlighted its work with the UN-REDD Programme in tackling governance challenges through participatory governance assessments for REDD+.
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New Success Story Series: Indonesia's Participatory Governance Assessment

October 2012

The UN-REDD Programme kicks off a new "Success Stories" series with a look at the impacts of Indonesia's robust Participatory Governance Assessment (PGA) for REDD+.
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Indonesia Explores the Multiple Benefits of REDD+

September 2012

Indonesia Hosts National Workshop on Improving Forest Carbon Stocks.  Read full article…

Indonesia Explores the Multiple Benefits of REDD+

August 2012

The UN-REDD National Programme in Indonesia recently brought together a diverse group of stakeholders  to discuss potential benefits derived from REDD+ beyond carbon.  Read full article…

Indonesia and Viet Nam Advance Approaches to Forest Monitoring for REDD+

July 2012

UN-REDD National Programmes in Indonesia and Viet Nam are building national technical capacity in forest biomass estimation for REDD+.
By: Akiko Inoguchi and Martha Maulidia
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Moving Ahead with Indonesia's REDD+ Participatory Governance Assessment

February 2012

Indonesia makes significant progress in finalizing indicators for its trailblazing Participatory Governance Assessment (PGA) for REDD+. Read full article…

Semi-Annual report 2011 for UN-REDD programme Indonesia

October 2011

Download the UN-REDD Programme in Indonesia Semi-Annual report 2011.

Indonesia's President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, calls for the country to chart a sustainable future for its forests to meet its development objectives.

September 2011

President Yudhoyono spoke at the Forests Indonesia conference entitled "Alternative futures to meet demands for food, fibre, fuel and REDD+", in Jakarta on 27 September 2011. Read President Yudhoyono's full speech.

Indonesia's Green Economy Corridor Initiative

August 2011

Indonesia is collaborating with the three UN-REDD Programme agencies - FAO, UNDP and UNEP- on the development of an action plan that links its REDD+ efforts with its overarching goal of transitioning to a Green Economy. Read full article...

Report on Indonesia-Norway REDD+ Partnership

August 2011

Read the first evaluation of deliverables in the Indonesia-Norway REDD+ Partnership established in May 2010.

REDD+ Participatory Governance Assessments Piloted in Indonesia and Nigeria

July 2011

The UN-REDD Programme together with government counterparts and UNDP country offices in Abuja, Nigeria and Jakarta, Indonesia have initiated pilots on the Participatory Governance Assessments (PGAs) for REDD+. Read full article...

Helen Clark visits REDD+ pilot initiative in Indonesia

April 2011

Jakarta — On the first day of her three-day trip to Indonesia, UNDP chief Helen Clark traveled to Central Kalimantan, where she took a boat through parts of the province to see first-hand the forest cover and peat lands which face a real threat of deforestation. Read full article...

Partnering with UN-REDD

April 2011

At the UN-REDD Programme Policy Board meeting last month in Viet Nam, partner country representatives, civil society organizations and donors spoke to the UN-REDD Programme about their evolving commitment to REDD+ and the value of their partnership with the Programme. Read full article...

Indonesia launches its REDD+ website

April 2011

Forestry Minister Zulkifli Hasan launched on Monday Indonesia's official Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) program website,


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Total Budget: 5.6 million USD

Timeframe: October 2009 – June 2012

Partner: Indonesian Ministry of Forestry


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El-Mostafa Benlamlih
UN Resident Coordinator

  Yuyu Rahayu
National Programme Director (NPD)/Director of Forest Resource Inventory and Monitoring, 
Ministry of Forestry


Agus Sarsito                                    UN-REDD Alternate Focal Point/ Director of International Cooperation, Ministry of Forestry

  Laksmi Banowati
National Programme Manager
UN-REDD Indonesia

  Tim Boyle
Regional Coordinator, UNDP


Thomas Enters
Regional Coordinator, UNEP

  Danilo Mollicone
Forestry Officer, FAO

  Budhi Sayoko
Head of Environment Unit
UNDP, Indonesia

  Anton Sri Probiyantono
UN-REDD Programme Manager
UNDP, Indonesia