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Daniela Carrion
REDD Specialist, Ecuador

Colombia is listed as one of the world’s “megadiverse” countries, hosting close to 14% of the planet’s biodiversity. 61% of its surface is covered by forest, 53% is natural forest. Colombia's Ministry of Environment estimates current deforestation rate at 310,345 hectares per year. In order to reverse forest loss, Colombia is implementing a series of initiatives to reduce deforestation and stop the huge deforestation hotspots in the country as part of good governance of forest resources and to simultaneously contribute to climate change mitigation by reducing GHG emissions related to this activity.

The UN-REDD Programme welcomed Colombia as a partner country in August 2010, and approved a US$4 million funding allocation to Colombia’s National Programme in June 2013.

National Programme Updates

The R-PP Validation Workshop in Colombia Exceeds Expectations

June/July 2013

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UN-REDD Programme Approves US$4 million for Colombia’s National Programme

June 2013

UN-REDD also approves US$4 million for Community-Based REDD+ grants during Policy Board meeting held in June in Indonesia.
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UN-REDD Partner Countries Highlight Their Needs in the Different Phases of REDD+

July 2012

During a recent workshop in Colombia, UN-REDD Programme partner countries underscored their need to bolster technical capacities in various stages of REDD+ readiness and implementation. Read full article…

5 New Countries Join the UN-REDD Programme

August 2010

The UN-REDD Programme welcomes Bangladesh, Bhutan, Central African Republic, Colombia, and Guatemala as new partners to the Programme. Read full article…


UN-REDD in Colombia

Budget : US $4 million

Timeframe :

Focal point : Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development


Colombia National Programme Submission Form - June 2013
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Colombia RPP - June 2013