The United Nations Collaborative Programme
on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation
and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries
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Asia-Pacific Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) Repository
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FPIC Documents and Materials:

All documents were produced as part of the UN-REDD Programme in Partner Countries unless acknowledged otherwise.
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FPIC communications materials

Briefs, Brochures, Booklets, and Leaflets

  Free, Prior, and Inform Consent (FPIC)       [click to expand]

  General       [click to expand]

REDD+ Comic book: Carbon Cycle (Indonesian, 1.37 MB) REDD+ Comic book: Deliberation Process (Indonesian, 3.5 MB) REDD+ Comic book: Forest and Land Rehabilitation in National Parks (Indonesian, 3.5 MB) REDD+ Comic book: Forests for Security(Indonesia, 5.1 MB) REDD+ Comic book: Global Warming (Indonesian, 2.2 MB)

REDD+ Comic book: Why REDD+ is Important
(Indonesian, 6.4 MB)
Jabon Plantation: Saving the Environment (Indonesian, 539 KB) Rehabilitating Forest and Land by Planting Rubber (Indonesian, 382.32 KB) Papua New Guinea’s Commitment to Act on Climate Change (COP 16: Cancun brochure) (1.21 MB)   Comic Book on Forest is Life: A Story on Climate Change, Forests and Communities: English, Lao (AIPP) (2.19 MB)
Understanding climate change: reference guidebook for secondary school Aug 2011 (Cambodia MoE) (Khmer, 1.66 MB)
ASEAN, Climate Change, REDD+ and Indigenous Peoples: English - Khmer (AIPP and IWGIA) (14.51 MB) 
Options for REDD+ action and their effects on forests and people: An introduction for stakeholders in Central Sulawesi (2012) (1.4 MB) 
REDD+ and Climate Change Terminologies (2012)
(Indonesian, 989 KB)
Brochure for local stakeholders (Vietnamese, 2.54 MB) 
Helping you to decide: The UN-REDD Programme in Your District (10 MB)
Involving Local Actors in REDD+ Benefit Choices (9.6 MB)


  REDD+ Strategy       [click to expand]

Fast Fact National REDD+ strategy (Draft) (3.44 MB) Forest and Land Rehabilitation Implementation Design in Lore Lindu National Park
(Indonesia, 965.54 KB)
Q & A on Central Sulawesi: English - Indonesia (583.43 KB) Working Together for REDD+
(Indonesian, 1.5 MB)
Developing a National REDD+ Strategy for Vietnam (15.7 MB)
Getting Ready to implement REDD (1.7 MB)
UN-REDD Vietnam Programme: Get REDD+ Ready (20.4 MB)

  MRV and Monitoring       [click to expand]

MRV for REDD+ in Indonesia (313.71 KB)


  Benefit Distribution      [click to expand]

BDS Piloting Brief: Playing games to select REDD+ benefits (SNV) (129 KB)        

Posters/Banners/Flip Charts

Flip charts

 REDD+ Strategy       [click to expand]


  Free, Prior, and Informed Consent      [click to expand]


Community’s Involvement in Free, Prior and Informed Consent
(Indonesian, 1.8 MB)
Poster: A set of FPIC posters (English and Vietnamese, 942 KB)               



  General      [click to expand]

Changing Climate Makes Pest Resilient and Difficult to Eradicate
(Indonesian, 189 KB)
(Indonesian, 702 KB)
Deforestation and Degradation
(Indonesian, 1 MB)
Unpredictable Weather as a Result of Damaged Forest
(Indonesian, 148 KB)
Deforestation (Indonesian, 15 MB)

Perubahan Iklim Menjadikan Hama Kebal Dan Sulit Dibasmi (Indonesian, 1.73MB) Info Poster on Climate Change, REDD and Indigenous Peoples: English, Nepali, Tharu (Nepal), Tamang (Nepal), Limbu (Nepal), Khmer, Vietnamese (AIPP) (639 KB) Climate change (MRC) (Khmer, 3.06 MB)
Climate change and people (MRC) (Khmer, 2.1 MB)
Climate change and role of women (MRC) (Khmer, 2.83 MB)
What we can do for climate change (MRC) (Khmer, 2.13 MB) Climate change adaptation educational poster (UNDP Cambodia) (Khmer, 2.68 MB) Climate change cause educational poster (UNDP Cambodia) (Khmer, 2.76 MB) Climate change and drought educational poster (UNDP Cambodia) (Khmer, 3.06 MB) Climate change and impact educational poster (UNDP Cambodia) (Khmer, 3.05 MB)
Set of Posters: Siema Protection Forest REDD+ Project (WCS) (Khmer, 2.07 MB)        

  REDD+ Strategy       [click to expand]




REDD+ Readiness Components at Different Levels (Indonesian, 105 KB)        

  MRV and Monitoring      [click to expand]

Improving National Forest Inventory (Indonesian, 110 KB) MRV [Measurement, Reporting, and Verification] for REDD+
(Indonesian, 132 KB)
Preference Emissions Levels/Reference Levels (Indonesian, 106 KB)    

  Free, Prior, and Informed Consent (FPIC)      [click to expand]

Discussion Process for Free, Prior and Informed Consent (Indonesian, 189 KB) FPIC Process Standing Poster (196 KB) A set of FPIC banners (English and Vietnamese, 8.05 MB)    

  General      [click to expand]

Changing Climate Makes Pest Resilient and Difficult to Eradicate (Indonesian, 194 KB) Damaged Forests, Damaged Water Source (Indonesian, 276 KB) Denuded and Damaged Forest
(Indonesian, 335 KB)
Unpredictable Weather as a Result of Damaged Forest (Indonesian, 206 KB) Jabon (Indonesian, 1.5 MB)
Rubber (Indonesian, 1.36 MB) Impact of Climate change on forestry (2.6 MB)                                       

  REDD+ Strategy       [click to expand]

  MRV and Monitoring      [click to expand]

  Benefit Distribution      [click to expand]




Designing benefit distribution systems (1.94 MB)

  Calendar      [click to expand]


   Photo book      [click to expand]

  Photo gallery      [click to expand]

Regional Activity
Cambodia Indonesia


Papua New Guinea Solomon Islands
Sri Lanka  

Viet Nam                                              

 Videos and Audio      [click to expand]

Discussion to Establish a Communication Protocol for Central Sulawesi REDD+ Working Group    
(Indonesian, 30:53 mins)
My Forest, My Backyard Garden (Indonesia, 54.64 MB) Blue skies, Green earth (cartoon/animation) (Indonesia, 32 MB) Introduction to UN-REDD Programme in Indonesia: English - Indonesia (12:52 mins) REDD+ lessons learned Day: Interview with Zulkifli Hasan, Ministry of Forestry (TV News)    
(Indonesian, 1:46 mins)

Lore Lindu National Park: A joint collaboration between the government and community to rehabilitate forests in Central Sulawesi (Indonesian, 8.83 MB) Impact of global warming on local communities and their livelihoods (Indonesian, 4.15 MB) The role of indigenous peoples in the preparation for REDD+ (Indonesia, 4.52 MB) The role of indigenous women in sustainable forest management (Indonesian, 4.53 MB) Introduction to REDD+ in Mongolia (9:21 mins)

Launch of REDD+ Readiness Roadmap process in Mongolia (Mongolian, 3:07 mins) How UN-REDD handled FPIC in Viet Nam: English - Vietnamese (12:20 mins) Introduction to the UN-REDD Programme in Viet Nam: EnglishVietnamese (7:29 mins) Introduction to REDD+ (7:28 mins) Short feature on how UN-REDD is assisting Viet Nam to prepare for REDD+ (0:59 mins)
Introduction to REDD+ (Khmer, 4:52 mins) Animation Video on Climate Change, REDD+ and Indigenous Peoples: English (AIPP) (17:46 mins)
Rights in Action: Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) for Indigenous Peoples (AIPP) (8:05 mins)    

 Newsletter      [click to expand]

Indonesia: Issue 7 (1.47 MB) Indonesia: Issue 6 (1.51 MB) Indonesia: Issue 5 (547.62 KB) Indonesia: Issue 4 (1.27 MB) Indonesia: Issue 3 (1.2 MB)

Indonesia: Issue 2 (643.79 KB) Indonesia: Issue 1 (2.58 MB) Viet Nam: Issue 2 (Vietnamese, 11.9 MB) Viet Nam: Issue 1 (4.2 MB) Cambodia: Issue 1 (5MB)