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Pakistan is a forest-poor country, mainly due to arid and semi-arid climate in large parts of the country. Total area of forests in the country was 4.34 million ha (5 per cent) out of which 3.44 million ha were state owned; tree cover on farmlands and private forests was 0.781 million ha (0.887 per cent). Natural forests accounted for 4.2 million ha (4.8 per cent), irrigated plantations occupied 103,000 ha (0.117 per cent) and rangelands covered 28.507 million ha (32.4 per cent) out of the total land area of 87.98 million ha (879,800 km2).

Past trends and the current state of forests and forestry indicate that large-scale deforestation and degradation of natural forests have occurred. It continues unabatedly at the rate of 0.75 per cent per year (FAO 2007) due to many direct and underlying causes. Pakistan joined the UN-REDD Programme in 2011. The country does not yet benefit from any other sources of support in relation to REDD+.

Pakistan joined the UN-REDD Programme in 2011. In December 2012, the country received Targeted Support funds to develop a REDD+ Readiness Roadmap, to complement work being done by the Office of the Inspector General of Forests with the assistance of ICIMOD and WWF. Targeted Support will continue through to 2014, to include full national consultations on the Roadmap, and capacity building for development of a National Forest Monitoring System.

Programme Activity Update

Solomon Islands and Pakistan Move Forward with their National REDD+ Roadmaps

Feb/Mar 2013

Solomon Islands REDD+ Taskforce makes an appeal to its national cabinet for increased leadership and coordination; and Pakistan’s Ministry of Climate Change makes forests a major part of the country’s strategy to combat climate change. Read full article…

One per cent increase in forest cover
Source: International The News
January 2012
Read full article

Pakistan Joins the UN-REDD Programme
June 2011

The UN-REDD Programme welcomes Côte d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Honduras, Mongolia, Pakistan and Peru as new partners to the Programme. Read full article…


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Pakistan's Ministry of Environment

  Timo Pakkala
UN Resident Coordinator, 
  Syed Mahamood Nasir 
Inspector General Forests,
Forest Department, Ministry of Forestry, Pakistan
  Gul Najam Jamy 
Chief Environment & Climate Change Unit
UNDP, Pakistan
  Mohammad Saleem 
Programme Assistant
UNDP, Pakistan
  Tim Boyle
UN-REDD Regional Coordinator, UNDP
  Thomas Enters
UN-REDD Regional Coordinator, UNEP
  Ben Vickers
UN-REDD Regional Coordinator, FAO