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Bhutan, is characterized by a highly mountainous terrain, extensive forest, abundant rains and rivers, maintains a forest cover of 72.5% to date, and is one of the ‘Biodiversity hot spots’ of the world. These natural resources are in good condition due to the strong conservationist policy of the Bhutanese government since the late 1960s. By law, 60% of the land area must remain under forest cover, and most of the headwaters are under dense forest cover.

Bhutan joined the UN-REDD Programme in 2010. UN-REDD activities initially involved an analysis of opportunities for UN-REDD Targeted Support. In April 2012, a UN-REDD team participated in a National Workshop on REDD+ Strategy Development to identify specific activities that UN-REDD could support. In the second half of 2012, UN-REDD Targeted Support funds were used to support activities contributing to the development of Bhutan's REDD+ Strategy including development of a national forest inventory database, an analysis of REDD+ corruption risks, a national forest monitoring systems training workshop, a proposal for a REDD+ benefit distribution system, and capacity development on environmental safeguards.

With UNDP funding, the UN-REDD Programme is also assisting in coordinating an inclusive preparation process for the National REDD+ Strategy. The report is available here.

Programme Activity Updates

The Royal Government of Bhutan Promotes REDD+ Awareness Programme

June/July 2013

The Royal Government of Bhutan (RGoB) has always accorded high priority to sharing information and conducting public consultations prior to starting any new programmes, the REDD+ initiative is one such programme.
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UN-REDD Partner Countries Increase their REDD+ Technical Expertise

Feb/Mar 2013

Bangladesh, Cambodia, Tanzania and Zambia host workshops on Greenhouse Gas and National Forest Inventories

Bhutan Explores REDD+ Safeguards and Multiple Benefits

REDD+ Progress in Bhutan and Cambodia

Dec 2012/Jan 2013

Over the past few months, UN-REDD Programme partner countries Bhutan and Cambodia have taken important steps forward in their REDD+ readiness efforts. Read full article…

READ-iness: Bhutan stands to gain but various issues need to be considered
Source: The Bhutanese
April 2012
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Bhutan Joins the UN-REDD Programme
August 2010
The UN-REDD Programme welcomes Bangladesh, Bhutan, Central African Republic, Colombia, and Guatemala as new partners to the Programme. Read full article…

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Ministry of Agriculture and  Forestry

  Claire Van Der Vaeren 
UN Resident Coordinator

Chencho Norbu                              Director General                                       Department of Forests and Park Services, Ministry of Agriculture & Forests, Bhutan                cndofps@gmail.com

  Pema Wangda                                         National REDD+ Focal Point/ Chief Forest Officer, Watershed Management Division, Department of Forestry and Park Services, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Bhutan pemaparop@gmail.com

Jigme Tenzin                                       Alternate National REDD+ Focal Point/ Forest Officer, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Bhutan jigmetenzin84@gmail.com

  Tim Boyle
UN-REDD Regional Coordinator, UNDP

  Thomas Enters
Regional Coordinator, UNEP

  Joel Scriven
Forestry Officer, FAO

  Karma Rapten
UNDP, Bhutan

  Chadho Tenzin
FAO, Bhutan