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Solomon Islands

The total forest area in the Solomon Islands is approximately 2.2 million ha. The logging industry is the single most significant economic sector in the Solomon Islands, which contributes 67% of export earnings, and some 12-13% of total government revenue. As much as 50% of the employed workforce may be associated directly or indirectly with the forest sector. Therefore, this makes Solomon Islands a highly deforested country.

The Solomon Islands joined the UN-REDD Programme in February 2010, and the UN-REDD Initial National Programme Document was signed in 2011. After a short disruption due to the political unrest, activities now under way to establish a national REDD+ taskforce with representatives from the government institutions and the private sector to guide the design and implementation of the National REDD+ Roadmap, which will be actively supported by other development partners, including the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, the German Agency for International Cooperation, the Japanese International Cooperation Agency, and Live and Learn Environmental Education.

Following the inception meeting in July 2011, a readiness process is underway to prepare a national REDD+ roadmap, and to launch local awareness-raising and technical capacity development programme to achieve these following objective outcomes.

Outcome 1: REDD+ readiness supported by effective, inclusive and participatory management processes

Outcome 2: REDD+ stakeholders have a comprehensive understanding of the potential benefits and risks associated with REDD+. This includes supporting broad-based, multi-stakeholder consultations, awareness raising, supporting the FPIC process of indigenous people and other forest-dependent communities.

Outcome 3: Preliminary capacity developed for REL formulation and MRV. This includes analysis of forest resource data, developing capacities to formulate its reference emissions levels (RELs) and system for forest measurement, reporting and verification (MRV).

Programme Activity Updates
 Measuring Reporting and Verification Training for Solomon Islands’ Forestry Officers and Stakeholders

September 2013

The Solomon Islands’ Ministry of Forest and Research, in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and other partner agencies, successfully completed a two-week field training on the measurement of forest and mangrove carbon.
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Solomon Islands delegation tours Fiji to learn about REDD+
Source: Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC)

Delegates from Solomon Islands visited Fiji for a one-week study tour and to meet key stakeholders involved in the Fiji’s REDD+ readiness programme. The main objective of this study tour hopes to raise awareness of key stakeholders involved in REDD+ and to strengthen the capacity of Solomon Islands to develop a national approach.
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 Solomon Islands and Pakistan Move Forward with their National REDD+ Roadmaps

March 2013

Solomon Islands REDD+ Taskforce makes an appeal to its national cabinet for increased leadership and coordination; and Pakistan’s Ministry of Climate Change makes forests a major part of the country’s strategy to combat climate change.
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Solomon Islands Focuses on REDD+ Awareness Raising and National Forest Monitoring

October 2012

The UN-REDD National Programme in Solomon Islands recently brought together a broad range of stakeholders to raise REDD+ awareness and begin work on the country's national forest monitoring system.
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Update on REDD+ in Solomon Islands

November 2011

Faced with high rates of deforestation that call for urgent action, the Solomon Islands continues its ongoing REDD+ implementation efforts with a half-day training event on measurement, reporting, verification (MRV) and monitoring for REDD+.
By: Aki Kono and Matieu Henry
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Five More UN-REDD Partner Countries Start Implementing their National Programmes

August 2011

Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Paraguay and Solomon Islands recently signed their National Programme documents, and now join the seven other UN-REDD Programme partner countries already in the implementation phase of their National Programmes. Read full article...

Solomon Islands Now Ready for REDD+ Readiness

June 2011

With the recent signing of Solomon Islands' initial National UN-REDD Programme Document, the country is now ready to begin the process of laying the foundations for its national REDD+ strategy. Read full article...

US$15.2 Million Approved for 5 Countries at the UN-REDD Policy Board Meeting

November 2010

Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay and Solomon Islands talk about their REDD+ efforts and the value of their partnership with the UN-REDD Programme, after the UN-REDD Programme Policy Board recently approved funding to support their national REDD+ efforts. Read full article...

Supporting REDD+ Readiness in UN-REDD Partner Countries

June 2010

UN-REDD Programme Regional Coordinator in Asia-Pacific, Tim Boyle, and West-Central Africa Regional Technical Advisor, Josep Garí, explain how the UN-REDD Programme is developing effective support to new partner countries, building on the activities underway in the Programme’s nine initial pilot countries across Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America. Read full article...

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Budget: US$550,000

Timeframe: February 2011-August 2012

Primary Partner: Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology


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Solomon Islands' Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management & Meteorology

  Akiko Suzuki
UN Resident Coordinator
Solomon Islands  akiko.suzaki@undp.org

  Chanel Iroi
National REDD+ Focal Point/ Under Secretary (Technical),
Ministry of Environment Conservation and Meteorology, Solomon Islands  c.iroi@met.gov.sb
  Fred Patison
National Programme Manager  fred.patison@undp.org
  Jennifer Kuma Kilua                 National Programme Assistant  jennifer.kuma@undp.org
  Akihito Kono
Regional Coordinator, UNDP  akihito.kono@undp.org
  Thomas Enters
Regional Coordinator, UNEP  thomas.enters@unep.org
  Joel Scriven
Forestry Officer, FAO  joel.scriven@fao.org
  Lynelle Popot                 Environment Programme Analyst
UNDP, Solomon Islands  Lynelle.Popot@undp.org