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Cambodia is considered a relatively high forest cover country with a total of 10.094 million ha of forest cover or nearly 57% of land area (FRA 2010). Considering that the forest cover was 12.944 million ha in 1990, Cambodia lost some 2.850 million ha of forest over the last two decades and is regarded as a high deforestation country. The principal causes of deforestation relate mainly to institutional and governance issues and the fast rate of national development. Evidence suggests that large-scale agro-industrial expansions are currently the largest driver of deforestation. 

Cambodia received funding for a full UN-REDD Country Programme in 2011.  Prior to this, the country had already prepared a REDD+ Readiness RoadmapThe Country Programme focuses on effective management of the REDD+ Readiness process and stakeholder engagement, development of the National REDD+ Strategy and Implementation framework, improved capacity to manage REDD+ at sub-national levels; and design of a monitoring system.


As the predominant source of Readiness funding for Cambodia, the UN REDD National Programme has been designed to support implementation of the Roadmap, in particular with activities under four components:

Component 1: National REDD+ Readiness Management arrangements and stakeholder consultation (Sections 1 and 2 of the Roadmap).

Component 2: National capacity-building towards development of the REDD+ strategy and implementation framework (Sections 3 and 4 of the Roadmap). 

Component 3: Subnational REDD+ capacity-building and demonstration (Subnational activities found in Sections 2-6 of the Roadmap).

Component 4: Support to development of the Monitoring system (Sections 5 and 6 of the Roadmap).

The roadmap also included an assessment of land use, drivers of land-use change and forest governance.  A multi-agency REDD+ Taskforce was established, to oversee the roadmap development and to coordinate REDD+ related activities at the national level.  Subsequently, Cambodia has received funding for a UN-REDD National Programme as well as funding through the FCPF and support from Japan and others.  The UN-REDD inception process was completed at the end of 2011, and implementation of the Programme has now commenced.


Programme Activity Updates

Cambodia REDD+ Consultation Group Selected

September 2013

The civil society in Cambodia broke new grounds when they self-selected 18 representatives to form the Cambodia REDD+ Consultation Group (CG).
 Read full article…

Cambodian National REDD+ Taskforce Established

April 2013

The establishment and operation of the Cambodian National REDD+ Taskforce will generate numerous lessons that will be of added value to countries facing challenges in managing REDD+ Readiness processes.
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Cambodia’s REDD+ Pilot Projects Contribute to Settlement of Forest Disputes

March 2013

The UN-REDD National Programme in Cambodia has recently begun looking into using consensus building mechanisms from existing REDD+ pilot project sites to resolve forest and land-use disputes.
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By: Heang Thy

Bangladesh, Cambodia, Tanzania and Zambia Host Workshops on Greenhouse Gas and National Forest Inventories

March 2013

A series of recent UN-REDD Programme training workshops provided support to these four countries as they build national capacities in assessing forest biomass and preparing greenhouse gas inventories.
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REDD+ Progress in Bhutan and Cambodia

January 2013

Over the past few months, UN-REDD Programme partner countries Bhutan and Cambodia have taken important steps forward in their REDD+ readiness efforts. Read full article…

Cambodia Takes First Step Toward a National Forest Inventory

November 2012

With support from the UN-REDD Programme, Cambodia has launched a project to develop a National Forest Inventory for REDD+. Read full article…

Five More UN-REDD Partner Countries Start Implementing their National Programmes

August 2011

Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Paraguay and Solomon Islands recently signed their National Programme documents, and now join the seven other UN-REDD Programme partner countries already in the implementation phase of their National Programmes. Read full article...

US$15.2 Million Approved for 5 Countries at the UN-REDD Policy Board Meeting

November 2010

Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay and Solomon Islands talk about their REDD+ efforts and the value of their partnership with the UN-REDD Programme, after the UN-REDD Programme Policy Board recently approved funding to support their national REDD+ efforts. Read full article...

Supporting REDD+ Readiness in UN-REDD Partner Countries

June 2010

UN-REDD Programme Regional Coordinator in Asia-Pacific, Tim Boyle, and West-Central Africa Regional Technical Advisor, Josep Garí, explain how the UN-REDD Programme is developing effective support to new partner countries, building on the activities underway in the Programme’s nine initial pilot countries across Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America. Read full article...



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  UN-REDD in Cambodia

Budget: US $3 million

Timeframe: 2011- 2013


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Cambodia's Forestry Administration

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  Claire Van der Vaeren
UN Resident Coordinator
  Vathana Khun
Head of REDD+ Taskforce Secretariat/UN-REDD focal point, Cambodia

Chea San Ang                                           UN-REDD National Programme Director                                                        samangfa@gmail.com

  Kim Nong
UN-REDD National Programme Deputy Director, Cambodia
  Peter Iversen
National Programme Manager, REDD+ Taskforce Secretariat, Cambodia
  Lun Kimhy
National Programme Coordinator, REDD+ Taskforce Secretariat, Cambodia, kimhy.lun@undp.org
  Mathieu Van Rijin
Forestry Officer, REDD+ Taskforce Secretariat, Cambodia
  Thida Pan
Finance and Procurement Officer, REDD+ Taskforce Secretariat, Cambodia

Heang Thy
Communication Officer, REDD+ Taskforce Secretariat, Cambodia

  Moeko Saito Jensen
Support to the Cambodia UN-REDD Programme
UNDP, Cambodia
  Tim Boyle
Regional Coordinator, UNDP
  Thomas Enters
Regional Coordinator, UNEP
  Ben Vickers
Regional Coordinator, FAO