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2015 UN-REDD Programme News and Updates

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25 November 2015
REDD+ Academy goes global: Launch of e-course and Learning Journals
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10 November 2015
15th UN-REDD Programme Policy Board held in San José, Costa Rica+
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3 November 2015
WEBCAST: 2015 Global Joint FCPF / UN-REDD Programme REDD+ Knowledge Exchange
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30 October 2015
UN-REDD Programme 15th Policy Board meeting to be held 7-10 November in San Jose, Costa Rica. Full documentation now available. 
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15 October 2015
"REDD+ at COP21" online resource page launched, with one-stop access to all REDD+ news, events and information related to UNFCCC COP21 in Paris. 
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1 October 2015 
The October/November issue of The REDD+ Resource, the UN-REDD Programme's newsletter is now available.

29 September 2015 -
African nations and donors agree plan to protect Congo forests with launch of Central African Forest Initiative -- with UNDP, FAO and World Bank support.
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9 September 2015
Demand for Wood in Africa Could Triple by 2050, Straining the Continent's Dwindling Forest Resources, Warns UN Report. 

7 September 2015 FAO Releases "Global Forest Resources Assessment 2015" -- World deforestation slows down as more forests are better managed 

4 September 2015
Video: Bosques y cambio climático bajo la mirada de los pueblos originarios de Paraguay / Indigenous peoples of Paraguay share their visions on forests and climate change. 

3 September 2015
Publication launch: Policy Brief: Fiscal incentives for agricultural commodity production: Options to forge compatibility with REDD+. 

17 August 2015
Publication launch: Joint FCPF/UN-REDD Programme Guidance Note for REDD+ Countries: Establishing and Strengthening Grievance Redress Mechanisms. 

11 August 2015
Webcast: Intercambio de experiencias prácticas hacia la implementación del Marco de Varsovia para REDD+ / Exchange of experiences on implementation of the Warsaw Framework for REDD+. 

4 August 2015
Engaging indigenous peoples and civil society organizations in national REDD+ processes in the Asia-Pacific region. 

1 August 2015
The August/September issue of The REDD+ Resource, the UN-REDD Programme's newsletter is now available. 

29 July 2015
Publication launch: Banking on REDD+: Can bank and investor risk policies on soft commodities benefit REDD+? 

17 July 2015
Publication launch: Technical considerations for Forest Reference Emission Level and/or Forest Reference Level construction for REDD+ under the UNFCCC. 

10 July 2015
Publication launch: Forest Ecosystem Valuation Study: Indonesia. 

9 July 2015
Investing in Forestry Sector Can Reverse Estimated US$3.5 Billion Economic Drain of Deforestation, Alleviate Poverty in Tanzania.

Publication launch: Forest ecosystems in the transition to a green economy and the role of REDD+ in the United Republic of Tanzania. Download (English). Report summaries are available in English and Kiswahili.

29 May 2015
Indonesia improving forest governance through informed policy-making highlighted by release of two new reports. 

28 May 2015
UN-REDD Programme launches Benefits and Risks Tool (BeRT): Supporting countries to address Cancun Safeguards. 

28 May 2015
The UN-REDD Programme and FCPF Launch Joint Guidance Note for REDD+ Countries: Establishing and Strengthening Grievance Redress Mechanisms.

22 May 2015
14th Policy Board meeting outputs, decisions, presentations and documents now available. 

2 February 2015
Opening up space for indigenous peoples advocacy at UN global climate conference. 

2 February 2015
Active listening process concludes in Panama. 

2 February 2015
Launch of forest governance data shows great potential for Viet Nam’s REDD+ policy-making and implementation.

2 February 2015
New studies contribute to better understanding of deforestation in Zambia.

2 February 2015
The Latin America and Caribbean region pilots an innovative stakeholder analysis methodology in Honduras. 

2 February 2015
Working sessions held on land-use planning for REDD+ in Kenya.2 February 2015 
Second regional Pacific Islands forest inventory workshop held in Solomon Islands. 

2 February 2015
Progress made towards developing Cambodia's REDD+ Safeguards Information System.

2 February 2015
Building capacity in Asia Pacific countries to develop and implement gender-sensitive REDD+ action. 

2 February 2015
Training on use of land cover classification system in Sri Lanka. 

2 February 2015
New brochures detail support on legal preparedness and tenure for REDD+. 

2 February 2015
Viet Nam begins process to establish REDD+ Forest Reference Levels. 

2 February 2015
Pacific Island countries share experiences on national forest monitoring systems. 

2 February 2015
Paraguay socializa las tendencias preliminares de los resultados del Inventario Forestal Nacional. 

2 February 2015
Sri Lanka benefits from South-South knowledge exchange on forest monitoring systems at the Brazilian National Institute for Space Research. 

2 February 2015
South Asia builds its capacities to calculate forest resources through data sharing. 

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