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UN-REDD Programme Global News
25 November 2015
REDD+ Academy goes global: Launch of e-course and Learning Journals
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10 November 2015
15th UN-REDD Programme Policy Board held in San José, Costa Rica+
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  6 November 2015
UNEP launches Executive Summary of new Emissions Gap Report with chapter highlighting importance of REDD+.
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  3 November 2015
WEBCAST: 2015 Global Joint FCPF / UN-REDD Programme REDD+ Knowledge Exchange
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  30 October 2015
UN-REDD Programme 15th Policy Board meeting to be held 7-10 November in San Jose, Costa Rica. Full documentation now available.
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  15 October 2015
"REDD+ at COP21" online resource page launched, with one-stop access to all REDD+ news, events and information related to UNFCCC COP21 in Paris.
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  1 October 2015
The October/November issue of The REDD+ Resource, the UN-REDD Programme's newsletter is now available.
  29 September 2015
News: African nations and donors agree plan to protect Congo forests with launch of Central African Forest Initiative -- with UNDP, FAO and World Bank support. Learn more.
         9 September 2015
News: Demand for Wood in Africa Could Triple by 2050, Straining the Continent's Dwindling Forest Resources, Warns UN Report.
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7 September 2015
News: FAO Releases "Global Forest Resources Assessment 2015" -- World deforestation slows down as more forests are better managed. Learn more.
  4 September 2015
Video: Bosques y cambio climático bajo la mirada de los pueblos originarios de Paraguay / Indigenous peoples of Paraguay share their visions on forests & climate change.
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3 September 2015
Publication launch: Policy Brief: Fiscal incentives for agricultural commodity production: Options to forge compatibility with REDD+.
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UN-REDD Programme regional teams operate in all three of these areas to help coordinate efforts across countries in the region and liaise with other regional teams to ensure all countries in the UN-REDD Programme can benefit from knowledge sharing and important lessons learned.

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